Giza Silicone Border Mold clear silicone


Marvelous Molds

Giza Silicone Border Mold 

Dimensions: 6.25" L x 2" W

This silicone cake border mold was named after the famous pyramid in Egypt because the incredible texture it creates is made of many small pyramids assembled into a symmetrical pattern. Giza is a very versatile mold since its design can be used for contemporary, modern, rock music, metallic, futuristic and goth motifs or anywhere a bit of texture is needed to add interest and variety. Made two times Pi, this border will seamlessly wrap around any even diameter cake without overlapping. Made with the highest quality, food grade silicone to produce an extremely durable silicone mold that is tear resistant and can withstand temperatures to 400° F.
This mold utilizes our patent pending self- trimming blade technology.


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