Genesis XGi3 Airbrush

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Hair Line to 25mL (1") Spray Pattern


Set Includes:

Grex Ergonomic Airbrush Grip Set

Two piece system that easily slips on airbrush main body and trigger. Silicon-based polymer impervious to most solvents. Soft enough to relieve pressure points, yet firm enough to provide structure for increased holding area. (Patent Pending)

High Performance Nozzle Design

Fine thread screw-in design for precise nozzle centering. Stainless steel construction with large diameter threads for extra durability. Precision machined for optimal paint flow through nozzle and optimal air flow around nozzle.

High Performance Needle Design

Long taper at needle tip provides superior fine paint volume control. Precision machined from stainless steel for a durable matched fit to the nozzle.

Pre-set Adjustment Knob

Allows for precise paint volume control and adjustments. Dial in the Pre-set Knob to limit the paint volume for an easy way to create consistent spray patterns. Or dial it all the way back for full trigger control.

Quick-Fit™ Needle Caps

Patented design that makes it easy to take off and easy to put on yet still securely stays on when you need it to protect the airbrush needle tip. Available as a standard and crown type cap.

Quick-Fit™ Crown Needle Cap

The crown version of our Quick-Fit™ needle cap. Cut-away sides allows improved air flow when spraying close to the work surface so that fine detailed patterns can be achieved.

Quick-Fit™ Needle Cap Storage

Convenient storage and quick access for either of your Quick-Fit™ Needle Caps when you're not using them. Easy to take off and easy to put on, but they're held on securely until you need them.

Nozzle Conversion Kits

Optional nozzle conversion kits allow you to modify any Tritium airbrush to a 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm or 0.7mm nozzle size. See side panel for details.

Internal Mix Design

provides fine atomization for a smooth finish.

Solvent Proof Teflon Seals

are replaceable and accepts most paint media.

Chrome Plated Housing

provides durability and ease of cleaning.

Short Paint Passageway

from reservoir to nozzle tip for a responsive feel.


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