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Moss Berry Farms

Raspberry Jam

Our farm was a favourite spot for local raspberry picking, so the aroma of this jam brings back many memories. First cultivated by the ancient Greeks, raspberries are actually a member of the rose family.


Located in the heart of southern Ontario, Moss Berry Farm has been in the business of providing great tasting foods since 1972 when Joe, Brede and the clan arrived in the Stratford area after spending time in Africa and Asia. Originally a pick-your-own fruit and vegetable farm, the focus of the business changed as the farm passed to the next generation led by Ann Marie and her husband, Al.
Moss Berry Farm has evolved to become a leading supplier of hand-crafted preserves to discerning retailers, bakeries and cafes. Our mission is to use the best ingredients and careful preparation to create preserves with flavours reminiscent of simpler times. Our products are distinguished by their fresh tastes, consistent quality and distinctive packaging.  Knowing we cannot do this by ourselves, we are supported by a dynamic group of people devoted to provide unsurpassed customer service and a standard of excellence in all that we do.
Though our business is global, our living is local.  We support many organizations that are committed to healthy active living and vibrant communities.


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