RR Gel Lumo - CORAL 15ml

Food Colouring


ROLKEM Lumo Gels.

Rolkem is the only colourant company in the world to have edible luminous colours.  What makes these colours luminous, is that they contain riboflavin (Vitamin B2) to create the Luminous effect, which will glow under an ultraviolet light source 



- Gel colours that stay suspended, (no shaking them up!).  

- Gel colours that do not fade, even if left in direct sunlight

-  Gel colours that do not have an aftertaste  


These superior gels can also be used on an acetate sheet and then just peel off when dry, or almost dry, and then it can be stuck to any surface or decoration as required. 


 Rolkem Gels do not contain any sugars, or glycerine, and this means that they will not affect the consistency of your Sugar-paste, fondant, butter cream, butter icing or chocolate. 


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