Wonder Cakes 8 piece gumpaste tool set

Gumpaste Tools



8 multifunctional tools  Made in Italy designed for modeling and finishes in 3D of each type of modeling clay. Each tool has a double ended and has an innovative ergonomic handle ensures steady grip during use.


    • 1. BALL TOOL :: Essential to achieve flowers. Functional modeling petals and leaves.


  • 2. BONE TOOL :: Excellent to stretch and smooth the edges of the leaves, petals and details.







  • 3. STAR TOOL :: Ideal for making the traits of the stars, or create the pistil of flowers with 5 or 6 petals.







  • 4. Bulbous CONE TOOL :: Multifunctional tool used to hollow out many forms or make details.







  • 5. LEAF SHAPING TOOL :: Used to smooth, hollow out and make the veins and the details of the leaves and flowers.







  • 6. SERRATED TOOL :: Ideal for making details of complex shapes. Also used for working with embossed figures jagged.







  • 7. SHELL & BLADE TOOL :: Ideal for making simple figures in the shape of a shell and cut the dough.







  • 8. CONE TOOL & STAR :: Designed to create conical shapes and quarries in sugar flowers.







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