Shine Line by Ashwini Sarabhai, 50gm - Oxidized Silver Piping Gel

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  • Writing messages on cakes
  • Designing on chocolates
  • Drips on Cakes
  • Brush Embroidery
  • Stencilling
  • Wafer Paper Painting

How to dilute it for drips?

Add warm water to the gel as required to dilute.

Can it be used on any mediums?

Yes. It can be used on fondant, whipped/fresh cream, buttercream, ganache, chocolate, modelling chocolate.

Does it need to be heated?


Can 2 shades be mixed?


Is it Vegan?


Is it halal?


Does it contain Alcohol?


Can the gel be refrigerated?

Not required to refrigerate for storage. But can be refrigerated if on cakes. It will set while in fridge.

Will the gel dry hard like royal icing?

No. It will set like jelly but wontget hard like royal icing.

Is this a substitute for royal icing?

Only for writing and designing. It cannot be substituted for Royal Icing to create 2D structures or stringwork.