Stencil Genie


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Commercially injection molded Stencil Genie.


 With smooth rounded corners and a stronger magnet bond this is the best genie yet!

Be sure to check out the available add ons for your Genies!


Check out this great video by Anne of Flour Box bakery!


set includes:

1(One)- 5.5" square, two piece frame w/ strong neodyne magnets with a 1/4” side & a 3/8” side that holds a stencil securely above your cookie (patent pending)

FRAME IS HAND WASH ONLY, just a light rinse or wipe down with a wet towel will clean it right up! Do NOT soak your stencil genie as it will loosen up your magnets!!! Just wash, dry with a soft cloth and then let it dry with parts separated magnet sides down!

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