Dragon Eyes Mould

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Inspired by your favourite TV shows and films, this food safe silicone mould is ideal for creating your own fantasy cakes. The mould is made up of two Dragon eyes, one left and one right eye.


The mould has stunning detail of not only the Dragon eyes themselves, but also lots of scales and folds in the skin round the eyes, giving it complete realism. You can make the outer folds of the eyes in two sizes by extending the paste over the top of the textured walls of the mould. The eyes have a slit pupil in them, making it easy to add eye ball detail to each eye. Use with the Claws and Continuous Dragon Skin to create a full figure dragon, monsters, dinosaurs, snakes or masks. View our wide range of images for further inspiration!




  • Size: each eye measures 85mm x 64mm / 3¼ inches x 2½ inches
  • Weight: 102g




  • Highly detailed, easy to use mould