Flower Pro Bamboo Silicone Mould

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This Flower Pro Bamboo mould perfectly captures the realistic detail of bamboo, featuring stems in three sizes plus an additional small shoot, to create stunning cake decorating and craft projects.

The bamboo stems can be made as a half relief for placing around the sides of a cake, for example, or 3D by using two halves together. The additional small branch can be used to build shoots from the main stems, or simply used alone as an embellishment on cupcakes, cards and more.

Mould size:
L 210mm, W 82mm, D 12mm

The 3 stems measure:
L 210mm, W 11mm, D 5mm
L 210mm, W 14mm, D 7mm
L 210mm, W 17mm, D 10mm

1 branch:
L 53mm, W 6mm, D 5mm