Blueberry - Perfect Palate

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Such a delightful true blueberry!!!  Give your Jams, Pancakes, Muffins, Smoothies, cookies, cheesecakes  ..... a punch!         Each jar give you 15-24 servings depending on use.    1/16 tsp for Royal Icing.   1/4 tsp per lb fondant,  1/4 tsp plus 1/8 for batter.

Better yield (up to 60% less expensive than liquid based flavourings).

Won't compromise fondant, icing, or batter texture.

Most do not change fondant, icing, or batter colour. 

Extended shelf life. 

Most flavours are sugar-free.

No allergens. 


Store in dry area. 

Made in USA


Product uses:

cakes, cookies, fillings, royal icing, butter cream, pancakes, water (a pink of flavour), candy, donuts, fondant, jams, chocolate, whipped cream.

1/4 tsp of flavour per 1 lb cold recipe.

3/8- 1/2 tsp of flavour per 1 baking recipe.

Let recipes rest for several minutes before adding more flavour.  Flavour will strengthen as it rests, especially in fondant.