Edible Artist Oil Paints by Karen Portaleo - Yellow Ochre

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The most exciting characteristic of EAOPs is that when used as paints, they allow for blending and a controlled drying time. As Paints, they work on just about every edible surface, without beading, including fondant, chocolate, modelling chocolate, royal icing, pastillage, pie crust, edible clay, even wafer paper. EAOPs can be used for more than just painting. With its unique formulation, the colors are excellent for tinting batter, dough, melted chocolate (without seizing!), modelling chocolate, fondant and more.


 - Can be used to paint on almost every edible surface, whether fat or sugar based, without degrading the surface.
 - Creamy and ready to use right out of the tubes.
 - Can be used with the Slow Dilutor to extend worktime and enable the blending of colors as you work.
 - Can be used with the Fast Dilutor to create washes of color that dry almost instantly.
 - Paint on royal icing and wafer paper.
 - Painted areas dry to soft matte finish, and can be coated with glaze for shine.
 - Can be mixed with lusters and highlighters.
 - Can be worked into fondant and modeling chocolate to tint it.
 - Color cake batter, butter cream, dough, whipped cream, chocolate (no seizing), royal icing, syrups, chocolate drips, and more...


Propylene Glycol, Glycerol, tartrazine, allura red, Br. Blue FCF, ti02, Iron Oxide, Emulsifier E322, CMC, Sugar