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FlexiPaste is a starch based specialty paste developed by me, Chef Nicholas Lodge, in collaboration with Sugarin to make beautiful life-like flowers. It can also be used to dress figures, make bows, used in moulds and so much more! It’s flexibility lasts for at least a month and combined with its fine structure and workability, give you perfect results and extended working time.
A big advantage, unlike other flower and gumpastes on the market that become dry and brittle in a few hours, this paste is so much easier to use when it comes to wiring and arranging flowers on wedding or celebration cakes. Cake delivery and setup becomes easier without the risk of breakage. This paste is like an edible version of Air Drying Clay.
FlexiPaste features the subtle floral undertone notes of lavender and roses and this floral bouquet is truly noticeable after the final steaming as the flowers release a beautiful fragrance allowing your completed arrangement to invoke a “spa-like” experience.
FlexiPaste is especially suitable for such flowers as the daisy, gerber, sunflower, Passion flower, dahlias and gardenias that typically are easily prone to petal breakage due to the shape of the flower and the petal formation. With FlexiPaste this will be a thing of the past due to its unique structural integrity and flexibility.


Hints and Tips

1. FlexiPaste may be colored with the Sugarin Karen Portaleo concentrated oil based colors or any other Sugarin or brand of color. Or, simply mix the FlexiPaste Foliage Green, Peony Pink, or Poppy Red with the White FlexiPaste to create a variety of lighter shades. (Watch for additional exciting colors to be released soon!)

2. Simply open the bag by cutting off the top were the provide notches are and open the seal. (I recommend you keep the FlexiPaste in this same bag as it will keep the paste in excellent condition. Remember to always keep the bag sealed when not in use.

3. No need to refrigerate FlexiPaste…Store at comfortable ambient room temperature.

4. FlexiPaste has a stable shelf life of 15 months from date of manufacturer, but will remain perfectly useable for months as the paste has nothing that will spoil or go rancid.

5. Just like traditional pastes when making flowers, I touch my finger onto white vegetable fat or shortening and use this to condition the paste. (Please watch how to use FlexiPaste in my YouTube tutorial.) I prefer to roll out the Flexipaste on a little cornstarch or cornflour using a dusting pouch. Flexipaste can be rolled super thin if desired, but will still have structural integrity and superior strength.

6. If the FlexiPaste becomes a little dry, simply dip the paste in water to add a little moisture back in. Also the paste may be put into a plastic zip-top bag and microwaved for 5-10 seconds and then add a bit of water if attempting to soften a large amount.

7. FlexiPaste is a totally edible Vegan product. If you have any questions, please email me at chef@nicholaslodge.com I hope you will enjoy working with my FlexiPaste by Sugarin for all of your flower making and other projects where you need flexibility! Sweet wishes, Chef Nicholas lodge 💚

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