FMM Cute Dinosaurs Cutter Set


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Create the cutest dinosaurs with this lovely cutter set, using finely rolled modelling paste simply tap out a fun looking dinosaur or dinosaur feet.  Colour conventionally or add your own twist with different colours, you can also decorate the dinosaurs with an edible paint or dust once completely dry.

Each design can also be built up by cutting out the shape in different colours, then cutting the section you want to use attach it on top with water as shown in the pictures.

The FMM Fluffy Clouds and the grass cutter from the FMM Elements set were also used to decorate this cake

These dinosaurs are so versatile, you can then stick them to the side of your cake, on cupcakes or use on top of a cake as a cake topper.

Size for each dinosaur ranges between 50mm-70mm.