Mini Tip Sugar Shapers - Soft Tip Set of 6 Double Ended


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The Mini Tip Sugar Shapers™ are back!
The perfect double-headed, ergonomically engineered shaping tools for sculpting, shaping, texturing, and modeling now come in a mini size by popular demand!

Revolutionize the way you sculpt, shape, texture, and model flowers, figures, and embellishments with Innovative Sugarworks’ Mini Tip Sugar Shapers™.

Created by decorators for decorators, each Shaper has been designed to enhance creativity, accuracy, and confidence when working with edible and non-edible ingredients including fondant, marzipan, sugar paste, and modeling chocolate.

Mini Tip Sugar Shapers™ have smaller heads; best for working on miniature items such as cake toppers, cake pops, decorated cookies, sugar flowers, and other fine detail work. 


Available with soft or firm tips –
For a limited time - every set comes packaged
with a mesh carrying bag!


  • Features
    • 6 uniquely designed shapes for sculpting, shaping, blending, texturing, and modeling
    • Tapered, double-head design – two tools in one
    • Ergonomically engineered for comfort, efficiency, and accuracy
    • Color coded for easy identification
    • Made from flexible, food-grade TPE that will maintain physical integrity against breakage, cracking, and deterioration
    • Durable, residential, and commercial dishwasher safe. Heat and cold resistant – as low as -40˚F up to 275˚F degrees continuously
    • Made with FDA approved food-safe materials


  • Benefits
    • Head shapes designed for versatility offering a higher level of detail and control
    • Ideal for easy manipulation of all edible and non-edible ingredients including fondant and gum paste
    • Comfortable grip enhances efficiency, accuracy, and ease of repetitive movement
    • Excellent for last second “clean up” and repair work
    • Heat resistant – can be used to shape warm to hot ingredients/materials up to 275˚ F
    • FDA approved, food-safe material that is dishwasher safe and easy to clean
    • Flexible and durable material that will maintain physical integrity against breakage, cracking, and deterioration

Tip Shapes

    • Red – Trip-Tip Chisel
    • Orange – Bone Chisel
    • Green – Round Tip Chisel
    • Yellow – Square Tip Chisel
    • Dark Blue - Lip Chisel 
    • Light Blue - Pointed Chisel

Comfortable, durable and easy to use.


The seamless, ergonomically designed Innovative Sugarworks Mini Tip Sugar Shapers™ are engineered to maximize comfort and efficiency when performing highly repetitive and detailed decorating tasks.

Flexible, durable, and color-coded for easy identification, these professional-grade tools are an essential part of any professional, student, or hobbyist sugar-artist toolkit.