Mod Silicone Border Mold

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Mod Silicone Border Mold
Dimensions: 6.25" L x 2" W

"Mod" stands for modern and that was our intent when we designed this silicone cake border mold. Once finished, though we found this silicone mold to be a true classic in that its design is very appropriately modern yet we feel this cake border can be used well to accent almost any cake design. Made with the highest quality, food grade silicone to produce an extremely durable silicone mold that is tear resistant and can withstand temperatures to 400° F.
This mold utilizes our patent pending self- trimming blade technology.
Uses: Fondant, Gumpaste, Chocolate, Cooked Sugar, Fudge, Butter, Ice, Jello, Marzipan, Bread Dough, Candy Clay, Hard Candy, Gummy Candy, Gelatin, Royal Icing, Buttercream, Ice Cream, Royal Icing, Sugarpaste, etc.
Non-Food Uses: Polymer Clay, Soap, Candle Making, Wax, Salt Dough, Plaster, Sculpting Clay, Cold Porcelain.