Natural Pistachio - Perfect Palate

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Our Newest flavor to our Perfect Palate line.  Tested by the best of our chefs and cake artists today.   Perfect in icecream, cookies, pastry cream, icings, cakes, fondant, chocolate,.....


Better yield (up to 60% less expensive than liquid based flavourings).

Won't compromise fondant, icing, or batter texture.

Most do not change fondant, icing, or batter colour. 

Extended shelf life. 

Most flavours are sugar-free.

No allergens. 


Store in dry area. 

Made in USA


Product uses:

cakes, cookies, fillings, royal icing, butter cream, pancakes, water (a pink of flavour), candy, donuts, fondant, jams, chocolate, whipped cream.

1/4 tsp of flavour per 1 lb cold recipe.

3/8- 1/2 tsp of flavour per 1 baking recipe.

Let recipes rest for several minutes before adding more flavour.  Flavour will strengthen as it rests, especially in fondant.