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PINKY SWEAR Sprinkle Medley is a premium, one of a kind mix of some of the dreamiest sprinkles in the universe: shades of red/white/gold crunchy sprinkles, edible gold dragées, nonpareils and more. 

Perfect for anything from Valentine's Day treats to rainy day cupcakes, and everything in between. This sprinkle mix is the perfect way to make any cake, cupcake, cookie, ice cream sandwich, chocolate bark or pretty much anything party-ready. This medley is a dream in a bottle!

Ingredients: Sugars (icing sugar, glucose, sugar, dextrose), Fractionated palm kernel oil, Corn starch, Soy lecithin, Gum arabic, Confectioners’ glaze, Carnauba wax, Water, Natural and artificial flavours, Syrup, Sunflower lecithin, Corn starch, Sunflower oil, Potato starch, Rice flour, Maltodextrin, Corn syrup, Calcium stearate, Tapioca dextrin, HPMC, Beeswax, Mica based pearlescent pigment, Reduced protein whey, Cocoa, Salt, Wheat flour, Wheat starch, Fish gelatin, Shellac, Agar, Mica dust, Tartrazine, Brilliant blue FCF, Erythrosine, Sunset yellow FCF, Titanium dioxide, Silver metal.

Contains: Milk, Soy, Wheat, Fish.

May contain: Tree nuts.

 Ingrédients: Sucres (sucre glace, glucose, sucre, dextrose), Huile de palmiste fractionnée, Amidon de maïs, Lécithine de soja, Gomme arabique, Glaçage de confiserie, Cire de carnauba, Eau, Arômes naturels et artificiels, Sirop, Lécithine de tournesol, Amidon de maïs, Huile de tournesol, Amidon de pomme de terre, Farine de riz, Maltodextrine, Sirop de maïs, Stéarate de calcium, Dextrine de tapioca, HPMC, Cire d'abeille, Pigment nacré à base de mica, Lactosérum à teneur réduite en protéines, Cacao, Sel, Farine de blé, Amidon de blé, Gélatine de poisson, Gomme-laque, Agar, Poussière de mica, Tartrazine, Bleu brillant FCF, Érythrosine, Jaune soleil FCF, Dioxyde de titane, Argent métallique.

Contient: Lait, Soja, Blé, Poisson.

Peut contenir: Noix.

 *This medley is the twinkliest of the sprinkliest and contains metallic dragées that are very hard and as with any hard candy, represent a choking hazard to small children and risk to your teeth. Please consume with caution.

*The metallic dragées contain silver colour classified as edible in Canada, Europe and most other countries, but not yet approved by the FDA (USA). Sprinkle Medleys that contain metallic dragées are considered for decorative purposes only in the USA.

 *The product images shown are for illustration purposes only and, due to the nature of our product, may not be an identical representation of component ratios or colours (appearance of colours will range across devices). Sweetapolita reserves the right to change product images or specifications, if necessary, without notice.