Sugarflair Titanium Free Powder Puff Gold Glitter Spray Refill 25g


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"Titanium Free" edible Gold glitter from Sugarflair. This is a refill pot for the Sugarflair Powder Puff Spray but can be used straight from the pot.

Give your cakes and decorations a sparkling finish with this non-aerosol edible glitter pump spray. Perfect for special occasion cakes and cupcakes.

This spray dust is great for any artist wishing to create something magical as it will draw focus and make any cake stand out with its vibrant colour. You can use this lustre dust to add colour and glitter to models you have created, edible decorations or directly onto sugar paste - the possibilities are endless.

This lustre dust is 100% edible and can be mixed with dipping solution to create a glitter paint or be added to isomalt or a clear gel to give some extra sparkle.


Titanium dioxide (E171) is used safely in food colours, however, in the rapidly evolving food colour market Sugarflair are offering alternative E171 free to their Gold and Rose Gold lustres, tints, paints and sprays.