Virtual Valentine Cookie Class - Two Parter

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This class has now past in it's live format but is still available for purchase.  Please allow 2 business days to be added to the private facebook group. 


Students will learn to create a single set of all cookies pictured during the live class.

Class is set up so that the cookies can be followed along with during class.   Information on what needs to be baked what icing needs to be made will be provided.   A royal icing and cookie recipe recipe will also be provided at this time. 

A template to hand cut cookies will be available.  

Cookie cutters for the candy jars and s'mores and teacup will be available for purchase through our website. 

Stacked heart just requires two different size heart cutters (sample sizes will be listed in supply list)

Shipping of our cookie cutters is available worldwide but due to shipping delays we cannot promise their delivery date. 


A private facebook group class.   Chrissie will keep the facebook group active for questions to be answered.  Please allow 48 hours for questions to be answered that are not asked during the live class. 

Class video and facebook group will remain permanent on facebook exclusively for members of the group to rewatch the class and continue to ask questions after the class.  (Subject to change in future if facebook ever changed their storing or group functions). 

Supply list will be available in the private facebook group.   Please email if you have not seen your invite to the facebook group within 2 business days. 

Class payment is final and non refundable.   Class supplies not included. 

Students agree that access to the facebook group and content will not be shared.   Copyright of Chrissie Boon and Icing Inspirations.